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Our Story

Bicycle Action Committee was formed in 2008 by a group of cycling advocates, made up of individuals, families, and business owners, to help cities become more bicycle friendly. 

By working with participating cities, BAC helps promote bicycle safety and awareness, as well as, create more bicycle and pedestrian paths in the community.

The BAC is proudly sponsored by Eisner Advisory Group LLC.

Welcome to Bicycle Action Committee

The Bicycle Action Committee is a 501(c)(3) organization that encourages businesses and city governments to demonstrate their support for bike safety and awareness.

Through the sale of the city-specific bike clothing, the Bicycle Action Committee raises money to be given back to the cities to spend on local bike projects and initiatives. 


Richard A. Cahlin
Alexander B. Cahlin
Brittany S. Cahlin
Community Outreach Coordinator
Public School Laison

How can I get involved?

Start a chapter of the Bicycle Action Committee in your city

Be a part of our Board of Directors

Sell our clothing at your store

Sell our clothing at a bicycle event you are attending or hosting

Sponsor our bike clothing with your business’ logo

Donate to our general fund

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